Region: Cauca, Caldes and Tolima
Tastes Like: Orange, Apple & Milk Chocolate

A delightfully rounded taste of milk chocolate followed by orange with a light sweetness. A coffee that is so delicious it will surprise anyone who thinks decaf coffee can't taste amazing.

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Grind Preference:

Process: Sugar Cane Process

The Siruma Farm

The Siruma association was created in September of 2017 with the goal of improving quality and helping find new markets for their coffees. It is made up of 117 associates, with 43 of them being organic certified.

Siruma are partners in Colombia who started working with the group at the end of 2021. In 2022 Siruma’s agronomist in Tolima has been taking baseline measurements within the group to help identify areas of need for the production of coffee as well as the commercial organisation of the group. This has led to implementing workshops with 24 members of the group attending a session. This currently is aimed at the next crop for harvest selection and pulping to ensure correct machine calibration to prevent loss/damage to the coffee coffee.

The Cauca, Caldes and Tolima Region

Siruma started as a company 5 years ago with a goal to work with underserved and developing farming communities concentrating their efforts in Cauca, Caldes, and Tolima. Working with many indigenous communities, Siruma’s name comes from the Wayuunaiki language (indigenous people in North Colombia) and means Heaven and Skies.

Many Sugarcane Colombia Decafs (bought by importers already decaffeinated) have zero farmer and price traceability and no transparency as to where most of the margin on a 4-5 dollar coffee is made. By purchasing from the same supply chains as some our other non-decaf coffees, we're able to push more volume and revenue to indigenous producers from Cauca, Caldas and Tolima. The results are this delicious, fully traceable decaf community lot.

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