Brew Methods

While we stand behind our philosophy that the best coffee is the kind of coffee you like served the way you like it, we thought we'd also include the standard brewing instructions for the most popular methods of making coffee. But don't feel boxed in – these are starting points for you to dial in your preferred flavour if you want. Experiment away (or not)!

Cafetiere (French Press)

We recommend this method if you want to enjoy the best qualities of our coffee and prefer a fuller bodied (stronger) flavour and aroma. If you’re looking for a simpler method of brewing coffee, then a French Press is definitely for you. With a little attention, this will yield amazing results.

We like to call it the bish, bash, bosh method of coffee brewing:

1. Bish – Combine the coffee and water into the French Press, stirring after 1 minute.
2. Bash – Push the plunger down after 4 minutes.
3. Bosh – Pour the coffee into your favourite mug(s).


The V60 is arguably the most iconic pour over brewer in the world and an important piece of kit for anyone interested in exploring the more nuanced flavours of coffee. The 60 degree angle of the brewing section (thus the name) allows for a lot of control over the strength of the brew. Pouring faster makes a gentler brew, while pouring slower makes a richer brew. The all-important paper filter conveniently captures all the fine grinds in the coffee, delivering a coffee low in bitterness with high clarity of flavour. We recommend the V60 for coffees that have fruity or complex flavour profiles. Great for people who really don’t like bitterness!

1. Place filter paper into the pour over and thoroughly wet the paper.
2. Place the pour over onto an empty mug or pitcher and add the coffee into the filter.
3. Gently pour around 60 grams of boiling water onto the coffee and stir using a teaspoon. Leave to ‘bloom’ (or soak/hydrate) for 30 – 40 seconds.
4. Continue to pour a gentle stream with the remainder of the water until all of the water has passed through the coffee.


The Aeropress is what we call a full immersion brewer- meaning that, similar to the cafetiere, it fully immerses the coffee grounds for a period of time. But it’s small size means that there are plenty of different variables that are easy to play around with – brew time, grind size, water temperature – with each change producing a uniquely different flavour from the same coffee grounds. Aeropress is perfect finding your perfect version of a particular coffee!

1. Place plunger (rubber) about 1cm into the top of the Aeropress. Invert.
2. Add the coffee into the chamber and add 180ml the hot water. Stir.
3. Place filter paper inside the bottom cap and wet the paper.
4. Twist the cap, including the filter, onto the top of the chamber.
5. Leave to brew for desired time - we recommend 2 minutes.
6. Carefully flip the whole assembly with the cap and filter inside of your mug.
7. Slowly press until all of the coffee has been pressed through the filter.
8. Add roughly 60ml of hot water or milk to the finished brew.

Moka Pot

The Moka Pot is an extraordinary piece of kit because it brews coffee similar in strength and texture to an espresso but without all the fuss and expensive equipment. It’s perfect for the up-and-coming espresso enthusiast. While it won’t make a proper espresso – because it can’t produce the same amount of pressure – it still makes gloriously intense coffee halfway between a traditional espresso and a cup of filter, perfect for showcasing the richness and sweetness of espresso roasted coffee.

1. Unscrew the base of the Moka Pot in order to remove the metal filter.
2. Fill the base with boiling water to right below the top of the base.
3. Add coffee into the filter, gently pressing down to firmly fill the metal filter.
4. Insert the metal filter into the base and reassemble the Moka Pot.
5. Place onto stove top and leave to brew.
6. Coffee will flow from bottom chamber into the top chamber. When no more coffee is coming out of the top spout, it is ready to serve.